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Boost your marketing efficiency with Superlines

Superlines uses AI to instantly analyse, create content and do various other marketing agency tasks.

Brings cost savings and increases efficiency

The tool makes work more efficient in different teams eliminating the need for certain roles/outsourced work.

Utilization of the company's own data

Integrate your brand guidelines, keywords, and tone of voice to generate content that aligns with your brand identity.

Quick onboarding + easy to use

Deployment takes place in five minutes, after which the tool starts producing immediate value.

We are a Marketing Software startup from Helsinki

We provide firms of all sizes a chance to level up their data-based marketing with the latest cutting-edge tools and services that don´t cost a fortune and are easy to take into everyday use.

GPT projects

We have been building innovative GPT based tools in production since 2020.

Digital marketing

We know how to implement, measure, and create results using digital tools and marketing channels.


Performance marketing

We can boost your marketing results across the digital channels and ensure that your brand outruns the competition on Google. We master mulitple channels eg. SEO, SEM, Some, Email, Web.


We have a long history of helping various companies with marketing automation and marketing technology implementations. We are experts in using modern web technology and setting up analytics to create digital concepts that drive leads and sales.

Growth Hacking

Knowing what to do and how to implement the needed actions for growth is essential for any company. Grew can help you in setting up growth processes and team building.

Artificial Intelligence

We have a proven track record of leveraging machine learning, automation, language processing, and advanced AI ever since GPT3 was introduced to the world back in 2020 in improving efficiency and business impact in various use cases.

Case Studies

Outsourcing marketing department work to AI

"We agreed to do things AI-first. Grew helped us to ramp-up new digital sales channels and create content that started converting leads in record breaking time." - Jalmari Mattila, CEO & Co-Founder at

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